Skincare Services

Your healthiest skin awaits. Let us take you there.

The roadmap? A knock-out combination of rock-solid expertise, powerful techniques, tools, and passion-filled care. 

Gorgeous skin comes from the inside out and we'll work together to get you there.


Experience personalized treatments designed specifically for you - each visit.

It's simple: If you're a new client, please email me. We’ll set up a time to visit on the phone and make sure we’re a good fit. Once we’ve talked, depending on availability, I’ll find an appointment for you or add you to my wait list.

If you're an existing client, choose your timeframe and I will design your treatment taking into account your needs and preferences. Pricing is inclusive of all options chosen for your treatment timeframe.


NEW Client Treatment

(My calendar is booking out several weeks. Please send me an email if you are interested in becoming a skincare client and I’ll do my best to work you into my schedule. This includes all new clients with a Gift Certificate. Thank you!)

Extra time is allowed for filling out paperwork, a through consultation, your skin treatment, future treatment planning along with home care recommendations. Please bring all your daily use products and cosmetics with you to your treatment for analysis.

75-90 min - $180

Returning Client Treatments

Timing may vary to include an extra 15 minutes depending on treatment chosen. If you are on a tight schedule, please advise beforehand.

90- min - $175

60 min - $150

30 min - $85*

*Address your top skin concern. Perfect for challenging skin issues that need consistent attention, back treatments and skin care for teens.


The following descriptions highlight a few of the treatment options that may be chosen for you:


New Techniques and Offerings!

Connective Tissue Massage

This massage begins at the collar bone, continues up and around the neck and face, ending at the crown of the head. Fascial adhesions and lymphatic pathways along major muscle groups are opened up systematically. Muscles and fascia contour our faces and tug at our skin. Your muscles will be loosened, fascia and skin lifted, expression lines softened, and underlying tissues will be cleared of stagnation while being infused with new hydration, oxygen and blood. Your skin will become radiant while your nervous system is soothed. This technique is everything! It provides a roadmap of the blockages and obstacles that are preventing your best skin. These blockages can be cleared with loving care, so your neck, face and skin will look amazing!

Nefeli Gua Sha Treatment

Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that is also referred to as coining, spooning, or scraping. Traditionally, different household items could be used for the desired result of bringing blood flow to the skin. Today, it’s common to use a beautiful stone or crystal “board”/tool to gently massage and manipulate different layers of skin, soft tissue, fascia, and muscle to break up stagnation, release toxins and promote lymphatic drainage. 

This technique may also stimulate and activate key acupuncture points on the TCM meridian system. This results in firming, lifting and renewing facial contours. It smoothes puffiness and dark under eye circles, softens expression lines and helps even skin tone. Simply gorgeous!

Facial Reflexology: Dien Chan Zone Operator

Based on Vietnamese Facial Reflexology, facial points or zones correspond to nearly 30 overlapping maps of our body and organ systems which present on the face. Thirty face maps! This is what grabbed my attention.

Activating the points or massaging the areas shown on the maps stimulate nerve reflexes which lie within and just beneath the skin. These nerve reflexes send signals to the brain to provide more energy to the associated areas on the body. It’s considered a “multi-reflex” as all 5 of our senses are located on the face. Our 5 senses add potency and most points are multi-dimensional, affecting more than one location. The treatment is very fast acting, relaxing and informative. You will be provided with a map or two as a visual guide for areas of self massage to increase benefits.

Core Treatments



Microcurrent is an incredible, holistic anti-aging treatment. Comfortable, low level current provides fuel for all your skin and immune cells. Blemishes vanish within days. It also re-educates, tones and lifts facial muscles while stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. For best results, we combine microcurrent with a deeply hydrating Oxygen infusion full of vitamins and firming peptides. Results are cumulative, increasing over time. 



Our LED or Light Emitting Diode treatment uses a combination of red and blue light -  the ratio depending on the specific skin issue that we are addressing. Red LED is proven to treat inflammation and stimulate collagen synthesis, while Blue LED treats acne. This can be a stand alone treatment, included in a full facial or layered with our Signature O2 + Microcurrent Treatment. 

Far infared is also an option for aching joints or sore muscles on the body.



We have 2 types of microdermabrasion machines: A traditional devices that uses suction to bring the skin into contract with the diamond tips. And, our new DermalAir wet/dry microdermabrasion device uses diamond tips that exfoliate skin while simultaneously infusing treatment products with oxygen flow. By working with infusion rather than suction, there is no more risk of "striping" or damaging fragile capillaries. This new exfoliating treatment is very versatile, safe and effective for a wider variety of skin types and conditions. 


Product Pick Up / Consultation - free 15 minute appointment

Book this when you need to pick up products or want to make adjustments to your current skin regimen.  

A quick version of the skin analysis performed during all my facial treatments. 

Cancellation Policy: Full responsibility 24 hour cancellation policy. Thank your for your understanding!