Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I gain from working with Portland Skin Therapy?

After your first appointment, you’ll walk away with a detailed plan for your at-home skin care, and a skin care kit. You’ll be scheduled for your next appointment with us based on your needs and goals, and our agreed on treatment plan.


Q: Are these treatments like a pampering “spa” treatment?

Great question! We know you’re coming to us for real results, not just a foo-foo spa day. While we’re happy to incorporate some massage into our treatments and our setting is relaxing, we’ve got bigger goals in mind! We’re here to help you create long-lasting change in your skin. 


We would love to work with you if:

You’ve finally decided it’s time to care for yourself and your skin, and you’re ready to commit the time to your skin health. You want a knowledgeable guide for your journey, who will help you overcome the obstacles and move you past your skin challenges with holistic treatments. You know you want natural options for your skin care, but you need someone to share the best science-backed natural options with you.

We won’t be a good fit if:

You’re looking for a foo-foo fluffy massage treatment that doesn't create real change (although we’re happy to incorporate massage into our work, we’ll also get you some real results!) You’re not ready to invest the time and care into healing your skin, and you just want a quick-fix solution.

Now is Your Time

Your time to finally get the results you’ve been craving, and unlock your healthiest skin ever. We can’t wait to work with you!